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Password protecting a workbook or worksheet only provides a quite basic level of security. The data is not encrypted, so can be modified by any number of freely available tools. In fact the specification states: “Worksheet or workbook element protection should not be confused with file security. It is meant to make your workbook safe from unintentional modification, and cannot protect it from malicious modification.”

Openpyxl provides support for protecting a workbook and worksheet from modification. The Open XML “Legacy Password Hash Algorithm” is used to generate hashed password values unless another algorithm is explicitly configured.

Workbook Protection

To prevent other users from viewing hidden worksheets, adding, moving, deleting, or hiding worksheets, and renaming worksheets, you can protect the structure of your workbook with a password. The password can be set using the property.


wb <- Workbook()

wb$security$workbookPassword <- "123"
wb$security$lockStructure <- TRUE

Similarly removing change tracking and change history from a shared workbook can be prevented by setting another password. This password can be set using the property

wb$security$revisionsPassword <- "1234"

Other properties on the object control exactly what restrictions are in place, but these will only be enforced if the appropriate password is set.

Specific setter functions are provided if you need to set the raw password value without using the default hashing algorithm - e.g.

hashed_password = "abc"
wb$security$set_workbook_password(hashed_password, already_hashed=TRUE)

Worksheet Protection

Various aspects of a worksheet can also be locked by setting attributes on the object. Unlike workbook protection, sheet protection may be enabled with or without using a password. Sheet protection is enabled using the attribute or calling enable() or disable():

ws <- wb$active
ws$protection$sheet <- TRUE

If no password is specified, users can disable configured sheet protection without specifying a password. Otherwise they must supply a password to change configured protections. The password is set using the property

ws <- wb$active
ws$protection$password = "123"


This page is an R replica of the related OpenPyXL documentation page.