Building data tools for you and your team

Automate data analysis, share insights and improve decision-making

Web applications

Get insightful and fully customized Web applications.

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Automated reports

Increase productivity, save time and reduce human error.

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Learn R programming and make the most of your data.

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Web Applications

I build engaging and customized Web apps that centralize your insights and data with zero software licensing costs attached.

  • Advanced interactive visualizations
  • Fully customized Web dashboards
  • Centralized insights for your team
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Automated Reports

From data importing to report generation, I can save your team time and increase productivity by automating your data workflows.

Automate tasks

Liberate your team from repetitive and laborious tasks by making the computer work for you and benefit from greater accuracy and reproducibility in your workflows.

Centralize information

Get access to all the insights from your various datasets in a single and easy-to-use interface, where information is presented clearly and effectively using advanced interactive visualizations.

Save time & money

Thanks to automation your reports are generated in seconds rather than days. Up-to-date and on-demand reports can be a game changer for your decision-making process.

Learn R programming

I teach R through fun examples so your team can make the most of your data.


Liberate you from Excel and expensive softwares. Learn R, the most used statistical programming language in the world.

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I Use Open Source Technologies

Utilising the vast ecosystem of free and open source technologies allows me to offer you customized data tools with no software licensing costs attached.

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