Returns a tibble containing the titles, publication dates, observation periods, data source, metadata webpage urls and download link urls in a given language of the current public BFS datasets available. If the path of the cache argument is not provided, the downloaded BFS dataset will be saved in the default cache folder of the pins package.

  language = "de",
  path = pins::board_cache_path(),
  force = FALSE



character The language of the metadata.


Path to local folder to use as a cache, default to pins cache.


Force to download metadata even if already downloaded today.


A tibble


Languages availables are German ("de", as default), French ("fr"), Italian ("it") and English ("en"). Note that Italian and English BFS metadata doesn't give access to all the BFS datasets availables online.

The BFS metadata is saved in a local folder using the pins package. The function allows to download the BFS metadata only once per day in a given language. If the metadata has alread been downloaded in a given language during the day, the existing dataset is loaded into R from the pins caching folder instead of downloading again the metadata from the BFS website.

See also


meta_en <- bfs_get_metadata(language = "en")